Spray Tan

Spray Tan

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Hello, Brittany here :) 

I am so excited to offer you Spray Tan options here at Silver Laine! It has been a project in the making for a few months now so I couldn't be happier to have the room done and  product here to help you feel and look your BEST!

A few things to know before your appointment...   

1. Please exfoliate entire body up to 24 hrs before, if you are planning to shave or any other type of hair removal make sure it is done at least 24 hrs prior to your appt.

2. Avoid using oil and lotion beforehand. Keep skin free of any moisturizers, perfume and deodorants the day of your tan. I understand that it's not always possible to come without the days impurities on your skin. I will have makeup wipes and a body exfoliating mitt ($5) available.

3. Coming to your appointment, please wear or bring loose, comfortable & dark clothing (preferred) and easy slip on footwear for after your tan.

4. After tan, it is not recommended to shower for at least 24hrs after.  When showering after, a light rinse on the skin without using soaps or scrubbing of any sort (rinsing until water runs clear) will provide you the longest time of looking bronzed and as always Beautiful! <3        

If you have any questions feel free to contact me directly via Facebook/Insta/or Email! silver.laineco@gmail.com

See you soon!   

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